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Basic Process of Computer Programming of CNC Milling Machine


The CNC milling programming of complex workpieces is first carried out in the computer. The basic process of computer programming is briefly introduced below with the UG CAM system as an example.

(1) Reference model preparation and template selection of CNC milling machine.

① Workpiece model import.

② Create blank model.

③ Template selection.

(2) Four basic elements of CNC milling machine programming.
① Processing folder.
② Machining tool. Each process step needs to select a tool.
③ Geometry. Create a blank model based on the workpiece model. The relatively redundant material of the blank and the workpiece is the material to be cut, that is, the content of the processing process; the determination of the tool path is also related to the position of the cut material. Therefore, creating geometry is used to define the extent of the material to be cut.
④ Processing method. Workpieces are generally processed in three degrees of roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. The processing method is used to define the degree of processing for each step.

Folders, processing tools, geometry and processing methods are the basic four elements that constitute a processing file. When programming, the relevant information of the four elements should be entered into the computer in advance.

(3) Generation of CNC milling machine processing files. The processing file is generated through the following four aspects of the creation operation.

① Create a program group. 

② Create a tool group. 

③ Create geometry.

④ Create method.

(4) The CNC milling machine processing program is generated.
① Tool path generation, after completing the above geometry definition, parameter setting, tool path generation and other programming settings in the UG CAM system, you can perform dynamic cutting in the UG CAM system to simulate cutting in the computer and simulate the machining process.
② Processing file output. The processed files are in ATP language before they are output, and are automatically translated into G language programs after output, which can be opened in Notepad or WordPad format. After the processing file is output to the control system of the machine tool, it can be processed.
The above is the basic process of computer programming of CNC milling machine.

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