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CNC core machining operations

The following matters should be noted in the operation procedures of the walk-through machine:
1. In the operating procedure, the sequence of startup and shutdown should be clearly specified, and precautions should be noted.
2. Please read the warning signs on the machine carefully before starting it.
3. During the operation of the walking heart, the operator shall not open or close the electrical cabinet door at will;
4. When moving each axis, please pay attention to the collision between the tool and the workpiece.
5. Pay attention to the order of the axes in the tool movement when programming.
6. The shaft wear compensation of each machine tool is different, and the tool must be returned to a safe distance when changing tools.
7. Be sure to check the material diameter before changing the processing material to prevent the material diameter from being too large (chuck) from jamming and colliding.
8. When the feeding device is in manual mode or using a simple feeder, be sure to check whether the material is long enough to prevent collision due to insufficient materials.
9. Do not modify the parameters arbitrarily during the operation of the CNC walking machine;
10. When the machine is running normally, do not press the following buttons: emergency stop switch, reset switch, etc.
11. After power off and restart, you need to move each axis to the processing point manually or in MDI mode, otherwise it may crash.
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