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CNC machining efficiency improvement program

I. Technological measures to improve the productivity of machining
(I) Shorten the working hours of a single piece
First, process measures to shorten the basic time. In large-scale mass production, since the basic time accounts for a large proportion of unit time, productivity can be improved by shortening the basic time.
Second, shorten the assist time. The auxiliary time also occupies a large proportion in the single piece time, especially after the cutting consumption is greatly increased, the basic time is significantly reduced, and the proportion of the auxiliary time is higher. At this time, taking measures to reduce the auxiliary time has become an important direction to improve productivity. There are two different ways to shorten the auxiliary time. One is to mechanize and automate the auxiliary action, thereby directly reducing the auxiliary time; the other is to make the auxiliary time coincide with the basic time and indirectly reduce the auxiliary time.
(2) Caring for multiple machine tools
Taking care of multiple machine tools is an advanced labor organization measure. It is obvious that a worker can increase productivity while managing several machines at the same time, but two necessary conditions should be met: First, if one person looks after M machines, the sum of the operating time of the workers on any M-1 machines should be less than the other The maneuvering time of each machine tool; the second is that each machine tool must have an automatic parking device.
(3) Adopting advanced process methods
1. Blank preparation. The use of new technologies such as cold extrusion, hot extrusion, powder metallurgy, precision forging, and explosive forming can greatly improve the accuracy of the blank, reduce the workload of mechanical processing, save raw materials, and significantly increase productivity.
2. Special processing. For extremely hard, extremely tough, and extremely brittle materials or complex profiles, special processing methods can greatly increase productivity. If electrolytic forging dies are used, the processing time can be reduced from 40 to 50 hours to 1 to 2 hours.
3. Use less cutting. Such as cold extrusion gears, rolling screws, etc.
4. Improve processing methods, reduce manual and inefficient processing methods. Such as mass production, broaching, rolling instead of milling, reaming, grinding, precision planing, fine grinding, diamond boring instead of scraping and so on.
(4) Use of automated manufacturing systems
The automated production system is an organic whole composed of a range of processed objects, various equipment with a certain degree of flexibility and automation, and high-quality people. It accepts external information, energy, funds, supporting parts and raw materials. Under the common effect of the computer control system, a certain degree of flexible automated manufacturing is realized, and finally products, documents, waste materials and environmental pollution are output. The use of automated manufacturing systems can effectively improve labor conditions, significantly increase labor productivity, significantly improve product quality, effectively shorten production cycles, and significantly reduce manufacturing costs.
Design measures to improve the productivity of machining
When designing, on the premise of ensuring the performance of product parts, the part structure should have good processing technology, and materials with good processing technology should be selected to reduce processing difficulties and improve labor productivity, so as to obtain good economic benefits.
(I) Improving the structure and technology of parts
(2) Select workpiece materials with good cutting performance
to sum up:
Improving the efficiency of mechanical processing production is not only an update of the process concept but also an improvement of the management concept. Advanced cutting tools and machine tools are used to achieve high-speed and efficient cutting. At the same time, related technologies and management methods are used to optimize the entire processing process. Various methods are used to improve processing efficiency and achieve high-speed cutting. Efficient cutting and efficient machining. The ultimate goal.
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