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Analysis of the main two aspects of precision machining

Precision machining depends first and foremost on the processing accuracy of the processing machine. The operating skills are only one aspect, and the accuracy of the machine is insufficient.
1. In terms of hardware, there are many types of mechanical equipment for machining mechanical parts, such as turning, milling, planing, grinding, and broaching machining centers. The inherent machining accuracy of various equipment is different, so to achieve precision machining, It depends on how accurate your parts are. Choose the appropriate process route and equipment accordingly;
2. In terms of software, it is the skills of operators, which involves the operating skills of operators of various equipment. These skills include in-depth understanding of equipment, understanding of mechanical processing, understanding of processed parts and materials, etc. Skills can be slowly accumulated in normal work. The key to the operator's skills is practice, and the theory must be understood.
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