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Requirements for the production environment of machining

We are a professional machine manufacturer.
So what does our machining need for site conditions?
First: the general environmental conditions of mechanical parts processing.
a) Processing at normal temperature b) Indoor illumination ≥75IX c) Noise ≤80dB
Second: Cold stamping working environment:
a) Process at normal temperature and have good ventilation. b) Indoor illumination, vertical and horizontal illumination between the upper, lower and upper die of the press ≥75IX c) Noise is ≤90dB.
Third: Environmental conditions for precision machining:
a) The indoor temperature is 22 ± 5 ℃. b) The indoor illumination is ≥75IX. c) Indoor noise is ≤70dB. d) Relative reading of 40%~70% indoors.
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