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Complex 5-Axis Machined Parts' many advantages

Speaking of the characteristics of the five-axis machine tool, it is necessary to compare with the traditional three-axis equipment. Three-axis machining equipment is relatively common in production, including vertical, horizontal and gantry. Common machining methods include end mill edge machining and side edge machining. The contouring of the ball head knife and so on. But no matter which form and method has a common feature, the direction of the tool axis remains constant during the machining process. The machine tool can only realize the rectangular coordinate of the tool in space by interpolation of three linear axes of X, Y and Z. The movement in the system. Therefore, in the face of the following products, the disadvantages of low efficiency, poor surface quality and even inability to process the three-axis machine are exposed.

1. Maintain the optimal cutting state of the tool and improve the cutting conditions
2. Effectively avoid tool interference
3. Reduce the number of clamping times, complete the five-sided processing in one setup
4. Improve processing quality and efficiency
5. Shorten the production process chain and simplify production management
6. Shorten new product development cycle
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