CNC Machining Medical Devices
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CNC Machining Medical Devices

Do you want to buy CNC Machining Medical Devices? Contact us now,we provide high-quality CNC Machining Medical Devices. The following is about CNC Machining Medical Devices related, I hope to help you better understand CNC Machining Medical Devices.

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Cheap CNC Machining Medical Devices From China Factory

Generally speaking, the medical device industry is different from other CNC Machining Medical Devices processing industries in three aspects:

First, the requirements for machine tools are relatively high. Advanced medical equipment processing equipment, such as Swiss automatic lathe, multi spindle machine tool and rotary table, is totally different from the processing center and lathe usually seen. Their size is very small and their structure is very compact. In accordance with such requirements, the structure of the tool also needs to have a special design, which requires that the size of the tool should be very small, and at the same time, the rigidity of the tool should be guaranteed.

Second, CNC Machining Medical Devices requires high processing efficiency. For medical devices, the most important thing is the processing efficiency, that is, the processing beat, which requires that the blade can be replaced in the shortest time.

Third, from the workpiece itself, it is very different from other mechanical parts. First of all, the medical devices implanted into human body require very good surface finish, very high precision and no deviation, which requires that the design of cutter structure and blade coating should meet very high processing requirements. In addition, it also includes the repeated positioning accuracy of the blade, which can not ignore the requirements of high quality while ensuring the efficiency improvement.

We import 3 sets 5 axis machining center from Japan and Germany,3 sets 4 axis machining center,9 sets CNC machining center and other lathe and milling machine and so on. So we can make complex items used in aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision equipment, high-precision medical equipment and other industries.

Our Advantage:

1), Quick Response and quick manufacturing, we will send you quote the next day. 

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Q: How long is for sample and mass production lead time?

A: Normally is around 7 to 2 weeks, it deepens on the process of the parts, for mass production is around 3 weeks to 4 weeks, but it also depends on the quantity of the parts.


Q: What’s the tolerance you can achieve?

A: Tolerance we can achieve is 0.002mm, we import 4 sets 5 axis machining center in 2018 from Germany.


Q: What’s your annual capacity?

A:2018, our annual output is around 8 million dollars.

CNC Machining Medical Devices

Do you want to buy CNC Machining Medical Devices? Contact us now,we provide high-quality CNC Machining Medical Devices.

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