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Aluminum CNC Machining

Do you want to buy Aluminum CNC Machining? Contact us now,we provide high-quality Aluminum CNC Machining. The following is about Aluminum CNC Machining related, I hope to help you better understand Aluminum CNC Machining.

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Product Description

Cheap Aluminum CNC machining From China Factory 

Aluminum CNC machining include 5 axis aluminum CNC machining.


Working range and advantages of AC rotating axis of CNC five axis machining center

Generally, the axis around the x-axis of the five axis Aluminum CNC machining center is defined as the a-axis, whose working range is + 30 ° to - 120 °. The worktable of the five axis machining center is equipped with a rotation axis, which rotates around the Z axis. We define it as the C rotation axis. The working range of the C rotation axis is 360 degrees. For the five axis machining center with a rotating axis and C rotating axis, the workpiece can be clamped once to finish machining other than the mounting surface. Generally, the minimum graduation value of a-axis and c-axis is 0.001 degrees, so that there is no angle on other surfaces except the installation surface, and complex processes such as machining inclined surface and inclined hole can be carried out. It can be realized that a-axis and c-axis and XYZ linear three-axis can do five axis linkage machining, and then complex curved workpiece can be processed. Of course, good CNC system, servo motor system and software support are required.

Structure advantage of AC rotating axis setting in five axis machining center


The advantages of the above AC rotating shaft are simple structure, good rigidity of the main shaft and low manufacturing cost. Generally, the worktable can not be set too large, and the bearing capacity is also relatively small, especially when the rotation axis of a rotates to 90 degrees or more, it will bring great bearing moment to the worktable when processing workpieces

Factory Information

Quality Control:

100% check for the critical dimensions

Contract Manufacturing:

OEM Service Offered, Design Service Offered

Product name

Aluminum CNC machining parts


Automation Industry



Surface finish

Silver/Matt black/black/red/blue anodize


No MOQ Required, one PC is fine for us

Applied software


Machining Equipment

5 axis CNC Machining Center, CNC Lathes, CNC Milling Machine, Linear cutting machine, grinding machine, etc.

Test equipment

CMM Projection, Roughness tester, Height gage, Calipers, tool microscope, Hand punch, Micro caliper, Dial indicator, Thread Micro caliper, Pin gauge, Thread gauge, Caliper gauge, Pass meter, etc.



Machining process

CNC machining, CNC milling and turning, drilling, grinding, bending

Production cycle

2 to 3 weeks


Single polybag, bubble bags, wooden case, carton box, or as your requests

Our Advantage

1), Quick Response and quick manufacturing

2), Delivery in time

3), Excellent Skill & equipment

4), Good quality and reasonable price

5), Efficient and professional team

Aluminum CNC Machining

Do you want to buy Aluminum CNC Machining? Contact us now,we provide high-quality Aluminum CNC Machining.

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