CNC Machining

CNC Machining is a high-efficiency automatic machine tool which is composed of mechanical equipment and numerical control system and used to process complex shape workpiece. The processing center is also called computer gong. The machining center is equipped with a tool, which has the function of automatic tool change. 

CNC Machining is a numerical control machine tool for multi process machining after the workpiece is clamped once. Machining center is a product with high mechanical and electrical integration. After workpiece clamping, the CNC system can control the machine tool to automatically select, change tools, automatically align tools, automatically change spindle speed, feed rate, etc. according to different processes, and can continuously complete various processes such as drilling, boring, milling, reaming, tapping, etc., thus greatly reducing the workpiece clamping time, measurement, machine adjustment and other auxiliary process time. The machining shape is complex, the precision is high, and the parts with frequent variety change have good economic effect. 

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  • The precision machining services center has high machining accuracy and precision machining services. The following is about Precision Machining Services related, I hope to help you better understand Precision Machining Services.

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